Grew Her Agency Business From Scratch

Let’s read about Helen who has partnered with us and is consistently growing her customer base since last 6 years.

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Helen started her own agency in 2012 for her love for designing. Today, she enjoys establishing an online presence for small scale companies by providing branding setup, logo, and website designing. She loved to design and often found herself checking her phone to look at her designs. She works primarily with clients from the soda city, Columbia SC.

Once the agency started getting attention, client’s requests for developing their website also grew. Helen could not take up these with the lack of expertise and resources to program a website. That is when she met Khuze’s aunt who worked at her daughter’s daycare and collaborated for a project. Through this lasting relationship with Siam Computing, Helen now takes up 4 to 6 projects in parallel, and never rejects any website development requests from her clients.


Helen had to face challenges getting the initial traction and the programming part was the most difficult one for her to solve. Being a passionate designer, she spent a lot of time giving attention to perfecting her designs. Helen found that the DIY coding and learning to code was both time-consuming and inefficient for her agency. Eventually, she started to let down the projects that required her to build a website for the client.


Getting the initial traction was difficult. But slowly we have built a reputation and with Khuze we have a well-oiled engine, like an assembly line that allows us to take a design and make it into a fully functional website in 2 weeks or less.”

With Siam Computing

“Collaboration with Khuze is an integral part of our agency,” Helen says. Helen started to rely on Khuze for making her designs come alive. Together they have a great workflow. She submits her designs to the team through Basecamp and they convert them into HTML or use a page builder to create the website within two weeks.

Siam Computing mainly helps with the following tasks for Helen’s agency:

  • Custom programming projects
  • MLS listing
  • E-commerce
  • Building a directory

Siam Computing has been available to Helen’s agency regardless of the timezone difference and able to deliver on time. The attractive development cost by Siam Computing has helped her achieve an increase in revenue. This active collaboration helps Helen to focus on her designing and business development.


With the help of Siam Computing’s WordPress website development solutions, Helen’s agency is able to take up 4 to 6 projects parallelly and successfully complete them on time. Siam Computing has become an integral part of Helen’s agency which has helped in growing her business and gain a good brand image for the services. With reasonable developmental pricing, Helen is able to quote their customers less and yet make decent profits. Today, with a fine-tuned workflow with Siam Computing, she is confident to take up all the projects that come her way.

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Helen Lafaye Johnson
Helen Lafaye JohnsonOwner at HLJ Creative
WP Flight has been an integral part of my business’ success. WP Flight’s knowledge and understanding of code, WordPress, plugins, and business has made working with them a pleasurable and prosperous experience.